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Maths Support

Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS)

Don't know your Garage from your Studio? Take a look at the video below to find out all about 'TTRS'.

Maths questions with video explanations

Of particular help to our older junior children, there is a wealth of information here on each different area of the maths curriculum, along with video support.

 3D Shapes - Nets & Volume.pdfDownload
 Add & Subtract - Column Method.pdfDownload
 Algebra & Unknowns.pdfDownload
 Angles & Lines.pdfDownload
 BODMAS - Order of Operations.pdfDownload
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Video Support

Below, you'll find strategies for different types of calculations, including:

  • long multiplication
  • multiplication of a 2-place decimal number
  • long division
  • long division, where the answer has 2 decimal places
  • multiplying a fraction by a whole number
  • multiplying a mixed number by a whole number
  • multiplying two fractions
  • dividing a fraction by a whole number