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Eco Warriors

We are an Eco School!

At St Anne's we are all passionate about our environment.  We recognise that we each have a duty to care for our planet and to manage the world's resources wisely.  We aim to develop good habits and behaviours to reinforce environmental education in everyday life and the wider community.  Our rich curriculum provides opportunities for us to learn the knowledge and skills to know how to be responsible stewards of our planet.

Alongside this, we have a thriving group of Eco Warriors, made up of children from each year group from Year 1 upwards, who meet several times each half term to inspire and challenge us.  They encourage us to consider environmental issues such as recycling and waste, water and energy use, transport to school, our outdoor environment and the importance of healthy eating. In addition, we have our Wow Ambassadors who encourage us to leave our cars at home and travel to school in a more eco friendly way. 


Please remember to keep an eye on our Eco Board in school for all information about our up-coming activities. 


Our Eco Code

We have created our St Anne's CE Primary School Eco Code which details our pledges for caring for our planet. Take a look to find out more. 

January 2024

We are incredibly lucky to have more than 100 types of songbirds in the Uk, but sadly their numbers are declining. Our Eco Warriors have been completing the Ruby Robin award to raise awareness of what we can do to support the UK's songbirds.  

December 2023 

Reception took part in a litter pick. We collected litter that we found on Trinity Road, around St Anne’s Church and around the church hall. 

Our Eco Warriors have been been making bird feeders as part of their Ruby Robin Award.

Our Nursery and Reception pupils have been making bird feeders and have decorated the trees in their outdoor learning area and in our spiritual garden.

November 2023

Our Eco Warriors have been busy making litter picking journal for their class. Each class now has their own set of litter pickers that can be loaned weekly from your class teacher. 

October 2023

The Eco Warriors have been busy completing our environmental check which will inform our action plan. 

September 2023

We’re really excited to be taking part in the WOW Living Streets walking challenge. 

Our KS1 Eco Warriors and our nursery pupils have been busy plant daffodil bulbs for the bees so they have a source of food in February and March.


After we carried out our Environmental Review, we have identified 3 Areas to work on during 2022-2023 We are building on some of the work we started in 2021-2022 and we have added some new areas based on our current need for the school. Please do let us know if there is anything you can do to support our work towards our Action Plan. 

July 2023

June 2023

We have been working hard to fill up our pen bin, we are looking forward to taking it to Rymans in Sale. If you have any writing instruments at home you can also take them to Rymans or bring them to school and pop them in our recycling bin.

May 2023

Our Eco warriors have been busy repotting their class tomato plants. We’re very exciting to find out which class manages to produce the most fruit from their tomato plant.

April 2023

Reception have been busy planting and sowing seeds this month. We are looking for to harvesting the fruits (and vegetables) of our labour.

The Eco Warriors have been making some new posters to remind pupils and staff to use our recycling bins correctly and to turn off our taps completely.

March 2023

A massive thank you to everyone who supported St Anne’s Water Walk. We managed to raise £140 for WaterAid which will have a huge impact towards improving many people’s lives.

February 2023

January 2023

Our Reception pupils have been enjoying taking responsibility for the Early Years recycling duties.

November 2022

The Eco Warriors have been hard at work ensuring that we reduce our energy consumption during Switch Off Fortnight. They have been leaving friendly reminders for our members of staff who are forgetting to switch off their computer monitors at interactive white boards when they are not in use.

October 2022

September 2022

During our first Eco meeting, Rudi was very concerned about the amount of writing instruments that weren’t currently being recycled. We can happily say that our school is now recycling our pens and felt tips. Thank you for bringing this to our attention Rudi

Previous editions of Eco News are listed below: 

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We joined Schools, Nurseries and Families across the globe for a whole day of outdoor learning to highlight the benefits of learning outdoors. Take a look at what happened in Year 4. 



Even whilst not in school, we can still be earth superheroes! Follow some of our Eco Warriors' top tips for re-using plastic bottle tops and getting your gardens ready for spring. 


We are proud of our school grounds and local area and want to take care of these special places.  During November, a litter pick was arranged by some of our Year 5 Pupils. Please take a look at the report written by our dedicated Eco Warriors to find out more about what we have done to improve areas of our local environment. 




We decided to grow some food we could eat and share with our friends. Our potatoes had just started to chit when Lockdown started but even strict Covid restrictions couldn't stop nature do what it needed to do! Take a look at our presentation to see what happened next...