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Ethos Club

Worship on Wheels


Our Ethos Club partnered up with St Mary's CE Primary School to share Collective Worship. We enjoyed a visit from St Mary's Ethos team who talked to us about Fairtrade - they even brought some fairtrade chocolate! They inspired our own ethos team to think about how we can raise money and celebrate fairtrade week at St Anne's. We then visited St Mary's to deliver Collective Worship and talked about God and why he is so special to us. We shared some of our favourite parables and then met with the ethos team to create a plan for the next worship on wheels!

Ethos Conference  

Our Ethos Club thoroughly enjoyed a day out to St George's Primary School for their annual ethos conference. It was such a great day and inspired our own club to think about how we can be more creative with prayer at St Anne's.

St George's Day 


Our Ethos Club planned and led a range of exciting activities for St George's day this year. As part of the day, we were very eager to plan a cake sale which was enjoyed by all - thank you to all of our families who helped purchase or bake cakes for the sale - the cakes were a huge success!