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 Friends of St. Anne's (formerly St. Anne's PTA)

The Friends of St. Anne's (formerly St. Anne's Parents and Teachers Association), FOSA for short, is made up parents and teachers whose only intention is to provide additional items through fundraising to enhance the pupils experience while a pupil at the St. Anne's. Through managing events, at school and for the wider community, FOSA is able to give all the children who attend St Anne's a greater experience of school life.

Why the change of name? Rather than the onus of the fundraising seemingly being on the parents and teachers of the pupils? Grandparents, aunts, uncles, former pupils, indeed friends of the school can all get involved in raising monies if they want to...

You can also support FOSA by attending meetings or helping and supporting any events that we host.

If you cannot make it to the meetings and have an fundraising idea? Catch us on the playgrounds or email us at...

If you can see an easier way of dong something? Shout /Wave/Whatever...

Committee members for the 2020-21 academic year, nominated and elected at the AGM in January 2021 (delayed due to COVID) are as follows:

Chair: L. Yates

Vice-Chair: A. Niblock

Treasurer: D. Felton

Vice-Treasurer: A. Niblock

Secretary:  N. Wardle

Social Media Coordinator: TBA

Publicity/Marketing: TBA

Staff/FOSA Liaison: E. Barron/A. Niblock/L. Yates/D. Felton

Governors/FOSA Liaison: C. Sheldon 

We welcome any support from your companies and encourage you to sign up on easyfundraising to help us every time you do any online shopping!