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St. Anne's Staff 

Office Staff

Miss. B. McDowell  - School Business Manager

Mrs. A. Lester - Office Administrator

Site Staff

Mr. A. Hamnett - Site Manager

Mrs. S. Heap - Cleaner

Mrs. J. Ranger - Cleaner

Mrs. S. Skinkis - Cook

Mr M. Sibbald - Assistant Cook


Mrs. S. Dudley

Mrs. N. Dwyer

Mrs. M. Gupta

Mrs. J. Jackson

Mrs. T. Johnson

Mrs. E. Leach

Mrs. V. Leung

Mrs. C. McBride

Mrs. B. Mee

Ms. L. Pitts

Mrs. B. Singla

Wrap Around Staff

Mrs. S. Crowther

Mrs. E. Leach - Manager

Mrs. K. Hunt - Deputy Manager

Mrs. T. Johnson