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Hello and welcome to the Governors' section. In this area of the website we’ll explain more about what we do (and what we don’t), who we are, how you can get involved, and how to contact us. Committee details and attendance records are available on separate pages under the 'Governors' drop-down menu (see top right).

What Do We Do?

Essentially the role of the Governor falls into three main categories:

1. To Support and Challenge the School and its Management Team

Governors have to hold the school to account and not be afraid to ask difficult questions so that the school can continue to develop. But we also use the skills and experiences we’ve attained over the years to help guide the school in achieving its aims and goals.

2. Provide Strategic Management

Governors develop and provide a framework where the school can develop and implement aims and objectives. We then monitor its progress as the school moves through its plan.

3. Make Executive Decisions

From signing off the annual budget, recommending the timing of major maintenance and building works, to appointing senior school staff, the Governors decisions can have far reaching effects on the smooth running of the school. To put it more simply, the Governors are like a board of directors for a company. We ensure that the strategy we’ve approved is being followed; such as ensuring the School Development plan is being implemented, that progress is being made educationally, and that the School has sufficient policies and procedures so that it can develop and safeguard both the Children and the Staff effectively and efficiently.

We also try to learn more about the school by coming in at least once a term and observing a class. This gives us some insight into how the children are being taught, as our experiences of being taught in school are vastly different to how children are taught now. We also try to help at PTA events across the school year so even if you don’t know us by sight you’ll probably have been poured a cup of tea or been cooked a burger by one of us!

We are also responsible for dealing with any complaints about the school that have been raised. Find more details about this on the 'Who Are We?' page.

We’re not here to manage the school on a day to day basis. By that we mean any decisions around how the children are taught, what educational trips they go on or any extra curriculum activities such as plays, etc.

The Full Governing Body meets four times a year, and then there are several sub-committees who meet separately throughout the year to discuss issues and policy. They then either make decisions within their remit, or pass it on to the next Full Governing Body meeting.

Please find more information about the Governing Body using the drop-down menu, above (see top right).