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What is Neurodiversity Celebration Week?

Neurodiversity Celebration Week is a worldwide initiative that challenges stereotypes and misconceptions about neurological differences. It aims to transform how neurodivergent individuals are perceived and supported by providing schools, universities, and organisations with the opportunity to recognise the many talents and advantages of being neurodivergent, while creating more inclusive and equitable cultures that celebrate differences and empower every individual.
We have enjoyed celebrating and embracing neurodiversity at St Anne's this week. We started with a whole school assembly and met a range of visitors to share their own experiences of neurodiversity. We then reflected on our learning back in the classroom and wrote a thought, feeling or question. Our questions were then answered in an assembly later the same week. 

Key Stage One

Our Year Two class wrote some fantastic acrostic poems about neurodiversity.

Key Stage Two


Our Key Stage Two classes enjoyed learning more about dyslexia in their reading lessons. They analysed a letter written by one of our Year Six parents. who described their experiences of school and some of their strengths and difficulties. 


KS2 also had an opportunity to meet a parent and previous pupil of St Anne's who talked about her own neurodiversity and how she has used some of her strengths to secure a successful career. We were really inspired by Rebecca's story - thank you!