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  • Our curriculum aims to inspire pupils to cultivate clear aspirations for the future, instilling in them a strong sense of responsibility as citizens and empowering them to lead rich and meaningful lives that contribute positively to society.
  • Through our curriculum, we aim to ignite inquisitive minds that are inspired by the teachings of Jesus and his example as a leader.
  • We want to inspire children to be life-long readers. Reading is the gateway to pupils’ learning and a life-long passion.

  • Children are encouraged to challenge themselves with their learning becoming lifelong learners, fostering in them a positive mindset that embraces curiosity, resilience and a passion for continuous growth.
  • The curriculum and our St. Anne’s Learning Powers equip our learners with the knowledge and attitudes necessary to embrace new challenges, adapt to an ever-changing world, and thrive as individuals.
  • We aim to provide rich vocabulary and oracy opportunities so that children can express themselves and stand up for what they believe in an articulate way.

  • Our curriculum aims to cultivate courageous advocates among our pupils by providing a knowledge-based education firmly rooted in Christian teachings, nurturing their ability to stand up for justice, compassion, and love in their communities and beyond.
  • We aim to empower our children to form positive and healthy relationships, respecting the creations of God in all their manifestations, and fostering an environment of unity, compassion, and appreciation for the richness of human and natural diversity.

  • Our curriculum aims to foster respect and promote an understanding of the diverse beliefs and cultures of individuals within our local, national, and global community.
  • Our children learn how to become stewards of God’s earth.
  • Children learn how to care for and respect themselves; looking after their own physical and mental wellbeing.