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online Safety

To learn more about keeping your child safe online, please use the links to the resources below. 

Fake News Guide for Parents


'Ditto' Magazine for Schools and Parents

(Kindly provided free of charge by esafety-advisor.com)

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Google Workshop and MOMO - 27.2.19

Dear Parents/Guardians

Last night's Google session was extremely informative and many parents made notes or took photographs of ideas they found useful.  Below is a list of some of the notes I made, along with some information about MOMO.

Joe explained that there is a high probability that MOMO is a hoax however, there are a number of children who are understandably scared by the image being circulated.  Please still be vigilant - attached is some information for parents regarding Momo.  Children have been encouraged not to talk about it within school and deliberate attempts to scare others with be dealt with inline with our behaviour policy.

I have also attached some information about TikTok and Snapchat as these appeared to be popular apps amongst some of our older children.


Useful Websites




Conversation Content 

Conversation Starter Guide - How to start a digital conversation with your children

Inappropriate content - This Video explains/demonstrate how quickly a simple search can escalate

Stop Speak Support - Banter Escalation - Video to show to children, what to do in certain digital situations 

Be Internet Legend - Online Platform to play games and learn about online danger with your children 


Online bullying keywords

  • Harassment-targeting an individual or group with persistent and offensive messages which could develop into
  • Harassment-targeting an individual or group with persistent and offensive messages which could develop into
  • Outing - publicly sharing personal, private or embarrassing information, photos or videos about someone online
  • Trolling - deliberately posting provocative and insulting messages about sensitive subjects or inflicting racism or misogyny
    on an individual
  • Catfishing -stealing someone's profile or setting up fake profiles to lure people into starting online relationships
  • Roasting -ganging up on an individual online and sending offensive abuse until the victim is seen to 'crack
  • Griefing - abusing and angering people through online gaming



Apps to monitor your children devices - Andriod / Apple / Amazon - Article for best monitoring apps 

Forest App - Android - Be a digital role model and challenge your children to build the biggest forest first.


Google Garage - take Joe up on his offer and visit the store (open until April 15th) with your child/children and their devices!



Feedback for and Review

Feedback - Please could you give any feedback on the Keep Your Family Safe Online session to help improve it for future sessions (missing content/ideas or what you thought of the  course or how useful it was).


I hope you find the resources useful.

Best Wishes


Mrs P Goodson

Worried about a child? Find out what happens when you ring the NSPCC helpline by watching this short video.



Fortnite Battle Royale: Information for parents



Safer Internet Day 2018 - Parental Awareness Online Safety Evening Session - Files

(All resources Copyright Leon Pietrzak / Footlights Schools Ltd)

 Footlights Safe Search Information.pdfDownload
 Gaming Information.pdfDownload
 Helpful Information.pdfDownload
 Information & Online Resources.pdfDownload
 Linking your accounts.pdfDownload
 Myth Busting Factsheet - Online Sexual Exploitation.pdfDownload
 Staying safe on Minecraft.pdfDownload
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Digital Parenting Magazine - Issue 6


Child safety on YouTube: A parent factsheet from The Key