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St Anne's CE Primary School

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School Uniform

At St Anne’s we pride and are very proud of how smartly our children are presented. This is all thanks to the support we get from our parents who take pride in how their children are dressed for school. Uniform is important because it stops arguments about what to wear and the 'designer option' does not become a problem. Uniform provides a sense of belonging and provides simple and practical clothing to wear.


All clothing must be clearly named.


Foundation stage


Red sweat shirt or cardigan with Foundation Stage logo.

Grey skirt, trousers or joggers.

Girls may wear red white check dress in summer.

Black shoes.

PE kit: As main school, below.


Main school


Winter Wear

Boys: White shirt, grey trousers, grey socks, 'bottle green' ‘V’ neck school jumper, preferably with the school name on. School tie. (Elastic ones are available for younger children.)

Girls: White shirt, grey skirt/pinafore or grey trousers (tailored), white socks, 'bottle green' school jumper/cardigan, preferably with school name on. School tie. Plain tights may also be worn - green, red, white, cream or grey.

Footwear: Plain black shoes.


Summer Wear

Boys: Plain red aertex ‘t’ shirt, grey shorts/trousers, grey socks.

Girls: Red and white traditional gingham check dress and white socks, or white open neck blouse with grey skirt.

Footwear: Plain black shoes. (No high heels, sling backs or platforms - for safety reasons.)


PE Kit

PE kits should be kept in a drawstring bag. All items should be named and taken home at least every half term to wash.

Both girls and boys wear:

Bottle Green aertex shirt.

Black shorts (not cycling).

Black plimsolls (no laces).

Trainers (for outdoor PE).


Swimming (Year 4)

In Year 4, children attend swimming lessons. All children take part unless there are medical reasons. You will be notified when it is your child's turn.

A full costume is required for girls, and trunks (not shorts) for boys.


Health and safety

All hair must be tied back securely for health and safety reasons. We do not allow extreme hairstyles. (A risk assessment is made by staff on all activities and children may be excluded if safety is an issue.)

No nail varnish. (Should we have to take your child to hospital for any reason, colour of nail bed is used as an indication of health.)

No jewellery to be worn in school, except single studs in ears. They must be removed for all sports, or covered with plasters. Plasters must be provided by parents.


P.E. is part of the National curriculum. All children are expected to take part unless we are notified of a specific medical reason.