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St Anne's CE Primary School

Inspire | Challenge | Care | Respect

Trinity Road, Sale M33 3ES

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St Anne's CE Primary School

Inspire | Challenge | Care | Respect

Payment Details

Costs (July 2020)


Breakfast Club         Price  £6.00 per session

After School Club    Price £11.00 per session

Holiday Club            Price £20.00 per day (Some special activities incur a small extra charge.)


We accept childcare vouchers.




  1. Fees will be discussed upon application.

  2. All fees should be paid IN ADVANCE at the beginning of the month.

  3. Fees are billed daily via ParentPay.

  4. Equal monthly payments can be paid over an 11 month period, September to July.These can be worked out by the ’Club’ Manager.

  5. We accept Childcare Vouchers as a method of payment.

  6. We accept payments via your ParentPay account.

  7. In exceptional circumstances, and with prior agreement with the ‘Club’ Manager, we may accept payments directly into the school bank account.

  8. Persistent failure to pay fees will result in withdrawal of the allocated place.Once arrears have been cleared, the place may be reinstated if sufficient places are still available.

  9. Fee charges will be reviewed annually.

  10. At least one months’ notice will be given if fees are to increase.

  11. Fees must be paid irrespective of whether your child/ ren attends ‘Club’ or not (unless point 12 is applied).

  12. A maximum of 5 changes/ amendments, without charge, will be allowed during each academic year (per child) subject to the required notice being given on the correct amendment form.

  13. One months’ notice is required to permanently cancel regular ‘Club’ sessions.You will be charged for the whole months’ notice period irrespective of whether your child attends ‘Club’ during this period or not.

  14. Half day sessions in Holiday Club may be available subject to the agreement with the ‘Club’ Manager.

  15. There will be no half day sessions available in Holiday Club on days where a special activity or trip is booked.

  16. By booking your child into Holiday Club on a day when a special activity or trip has been arranged will mean you are accepting that you will be charged extra for the planned activity.There will be no provision for children to be left in the setting whilst a trip is taking place.

  17. All Breakfast and After School Club accounts should be cleared by the end of the academic year.