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Sport Premium 2017-18

Sport Premium

What is the Sports Premium?

Up until the academic year 2019/2020, the Government is making available to all schools a sum of money annually to allow them to continue to develop sports provision within school and to help schools increase pupil participation in sporting activity. This money presently equates to £8000 per school per year plus an additional £5 per child. For our school this means approximately £8,925.00 per year.


Purpose of the funding

Schools have to spend the sport funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this.


Our Vision:

At St Anne’s CE Primary School, through Physical Education, we endeavour for all our children to achieve:

  • Co-operation and team work
  • Realistic and positive self-image
  • Practical knowledge about exercise
  • Satisfaction and enjoyment
  • Healthy exercise
  • Range of transferable skills
  • Effective body management
  • Confidence
  • Values 

The Effect of Sports Premium

Over the past year we have used the money to fund a dedicated PE teacher. This has allowed us to increase the provision of sporting activities and now every child in school has in excess of two hours of PE/sports per week.  The overall effect of this increase in sporting activities has shown a marked improvement in pupils’ behaviour and enthusiasm for work in the classroom as well as sport.
It has allowed the children who may not be high achievers in the classroom a chance to succeed in other areas. This funding has helped to create and sustain a culture of increased participation in sport at the school as there is a heightened excitement around PE and Sport.
It has also allowed us to increase the type of sports we offer.
We have also now introduced a series of competitive sports within our own school as well as against other schools, such as tag rugby, football and kwick cricket, thus giving children the opportunity to experience sport at a competitive level.
This early introduction will give children life skills such as team work and a sense of fair play. Pupils have also been given the opportunity to be playground leaders through school workshops in order to increase playtime and lunch time physical activity participation across the school. This encourages our pupils to take part in physical activities throughout the school day.
The overall impact has seen a significant increase in sporting skills and a healthy balance between participation and competition.

How will we ensure these improvements are sustainable?

The staff are offered regular CPD opportunities both on and off site. These can be delivered from our in house PE specialist or external providers. This will help ensure that best practise is shared regularly and staff feel comfortable with delivering high quality PE sessions. This also ensures that best practise is embedded across the school in order to continue following the Sports Premium funding.
The implementation of playground leaders in Y5 will ensure that this will continue as the children move through the school.  When then children start in Y6, they can train the new Y5 playground leaders.

Our PE expert ensures that staff are offered the chance to observe and learn from him throughout the academic year and staff know e is always at hand to help with their own PE delivery. 

St Anne’s CE Primary School PE and Sport Development Plan Academic Year 2016-17

Allocation: £8925


Key Actions




(support, CPD, and cost)

Success Criteria

Key Performance Indicators


1. LC to liaise with Headteacher, PE and Sport Hub and rest of staff to evaluate the running of day to day PE in school

Revise development plan in light of evaluation


Teaching Staff

July 16


PE subject leader’s action

Plan for academic year 2016-17 devised

2. Employ a sports coach for 2.5 days per week to plan and deliver sport with pupils, assess progress and provide CPD for staff

Review and develop long term overview in light of new NC using Rawmarsh.
Liaise with PE and Sports Hub


Sept 2016

£4433 x 3 terms = £13299

Members of staff increase their confidence in delivering PE sessions. Pupils’ enjoyment increased.

3. Further engage in festivals/competitions in a wider range of sports

Ensure staff coverage is in place for festivals/competitions.

Cover transport costs, where needed.




Throughout academic year 2016-2017

Transport Costs

Greater proportion of pupils participating in sporting events.

Increased success in competitive sport.

4. Work towards the School Games Kitemark Gold award for 2016-2017 accreditation. This will be an ongoing target

Audit current practise

Identify gaps in provision

Create action plan



Oct 2016 

July 2017

Part of the cost of The PE and Sports Hub

School achieves kitemark

5. Introduce healthy lifestyle clubs at lunchtime and after school to increase pupil awareness

Set up lunchtime and after school clubs       

Plan and deliver activities



Sept 2016

Part of the cost of The PE and Sports Hub

Pupils have an increased awareness of what constitutes a  healthy lifestyle

6. Further increase range and quantity of extra-curricular sporting activities for KS1 & KS2

Continue after school coaching for football teams

Further develop range of after school activities for KS1 & KS2








Sept 16

Part of the cost of The PE and Sports Hub

Some clubs to be charged for


Increased range and quantity of provision enabling more pupils to access a sporting activity.

7. Develop leadership of playground games, at lunchtime for Y5 pupils

Develop Playground Leaders (Yr 5)

Training for Yr 5 pupils

Establish daily timetable

 Playground Leader Training




Oct 16


Part of the cost of The PE and Sports Hub

Pupils enjoying participation in organised lunchtime activity

Pupils continue to play playground games when adult not there

Year 5 confident and effective playground leaders