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St Anne's CE Primary School

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St Anne's CE Primary School

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 Friends of St. Anne's (formerly St. Anne's PTA)

The Friends of St. Anne's (formerly St. Anne's Parents and Teachers Association), FOSA for short, is made up parents and teachers whose only intention is to provide additional items through fundraising to enhance the pupils experience while a pupil at the St. Anne's. Through managing events, at school and for the wider community, FOSA is able to give all the children who attend St Anne's a greater experience of school life.

Why the change of name? Rather than the onus of the fundraising seemingly being on the parents and teachers of the pupils? Grandparents, aunts, uncles, former pupils, indeed friends of the school can all get involved in raising monies if they want to...

You can also support FOSA by attending meetings or helping and supporting any events that we host.

If you cannot make it to the meetings and have an fundraising idea? Catch us on the playgrounds or email us at... fosa@st-annes.trafford.sch.uk

If you can see an easier way of dong something? Shout /Wave/Whatever...

Committee members for the 2020-21 academic year, nominated and elected at the AGM in January 2021 (delayed due to COVID) are as follows:

Chair: L. Yates

Vice-Chair: A. Niblock

Treasurer: D. Felton

Vice-Treasurer: A. Niblock

Secretary:  N. Wardle

Social Media Coordinator: TBA

Publicity/Marketing: TBA

Staff/FOSA Liaison: E. Barron/A. Niblock/L. Yates/D. Felton

Governors/FOSA Liaison: C. Sheldon 

We welcome any support from your companies and encourage you to sign up on easyfundraising to help us every time you do any online shopping!

Summary Report for AGM for school year 2019-2020


Welcome everyone and thank you for coming to this evening’s AGM.

The objective of FOSA is to enrich our children’s school experience. We do this by fundraising though organizing fun events both in and outside of school for the children and grown up’s, as well as creating a social network of members. As Teachers, Parents and Carers of children at the school, we are all members of FOSA and it’s fantastic that you are here to support your child’s journey through both the school and the work of the FOSA.

FOSA is run by a committee that is elected each year at the AGM. The AGM meeting is the only formal meeting of the year for us.

Other unformal meetings are held throughout the school calendar and the AGM is one that deals with the formalities of committee elections, financial audits, reviews and plans for the future.

Before I launch into these formalities, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge and thank the serving PTA committee: Vice Chair – Amy Niblock, Treasurer – Darren Felton, Secretary – Nicole Wardle and all other non-titled Committee Members.

Through their hard work, dedication and commitment to FOSA, we have continued to accomplish our goals and improve upon already fantastic achievements – so thank you as you really do “make it happen”.

I am also very grateful for the ongoing support and guidance provided by our Head teacher, Polly Goodson who provides invaluable support to the team.  Without the support from school FOSA would not function as it does. So thank you.

Other Committee Members include staff and parents, and I would especially like to thank them as well.

We welcome any parent / carer with a keen interest in enriching our children's education at St Annes Primary to step forward and speak to any of the FOSA team about if you wish to get more involved. 

Now to summarize the 2019/2020 academic year. The first half of the year was most definitely successful when it came to fundraising. Darren has detailed the breakdown of the income events in the Treasurer’s report, but I want to mention our top fundraising events: first being the The Xmas Fair - The School hall were packed with stalls and a total of £1230 was raised. An excellent event and special thanks to all involved.

Break the rules day raised a brilliant £374 and the school disco’s we managed to fit in before lock down gave us a fantastic £924 As you are all fully aware the second half of the academic year was most definitely flawed what with the Covid-19 pandemic which resulted in Committee meetings being cancelled and events postponed. These were and continue to be unprecedented times but thankfully we were still able to raise some funds by having clothing collections with Roberts recycling raising £1211 a virtual balloon race raising £342 and our brilliant school lottery raised £735 in its first year and our long-standing Easy fundraising and Amazon smile £236.

Not forgetting our lovely parent Louise (Margot mum) who has matched fundraised and give us an additional £1000 this year from Lloyds Bank.

A lovely contribution from all the parents to the staff at St Annes was the Picnic Benches that can be used by all which cost £1200.

All this has meant that we have been able to hand over £6300 to school to pay for the pantomime, class treats, VR headsets, cameras, code a caterpillar, iPad’s and much, much more.

So well done everybody in helping make this happen. The next fundraising goal is to improve the school library and accessing resources that will improve the language skills of our children.

Finally, I would like to finish the Chair’s report by offering a word of appreciation to everyone involved in FOSA this year. Your commitment and willingness to contribute has been incredible as have your efforts to ensure that FOSA continues to go from strength to strength. I look forward to the coming year.

Lindsay Yates



Roberts Recycling - 21st January 2021

With opportunities for raising monies limited for the obvious reason, FOSA did manage to hold it first fundraiser of the New Year! And when we say FOSA, we mean you!


After your efforts in recycling unwanted clothing, you managed to raise almost £300 for the benefit of the pupils of St. Anne's.