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 “Cultivating the next generation of scientists and empowering our pupils to bring positive change to an ever-changing world.”

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Environmental Science Week 2023 

Environmental Science Week newsletter 2023

Science Vision 

Our vision is for children to see the clear link between Science and their place in the world. Science is a significant part of human culture and represents one of the pinnacles of human thinking capacity. It provides a laboratory of common experience for the development of language, logic, and problem-solving skills. In this ever-increasing world of social media and ‘fake news,’ it is essential that we teach our children about the role of research, evidence, and experimentation in understanding the world around us. Our pupils need to discover the concepts revealed through observing scientific phenomena and conducting experimental investigations for themselves. Then they are more likely to continue to study science and use that learning for work, for family and to contribute as informed citizens.

‘Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch that illuminates the world. Science is the highest personification of the nation because that nation will remain the first which carries the furthest the works of thought and intelligence.’

Louis Pasteur

The aim is to facilitate a love of exploration and facilitate a career in the sciences to improve life and the future life of the planet.


Science Progression 

Knowledge organisers 


These knowledge organisers identify the key information that your child will need to have learned by the end of their learning challenge. 


How do they help children? 

They provide the essential knowledge that children need to cover in their learning challenges and can be used as a reminder prompt during lessons or revision tools. 


How do they help parents?

They give you a clear understanding of what your child will be learning about each term and allow you to support and further their knowledge at home if you wish to. 


We have developed our own Knowledge Organisers to support the delivery of the curriculum which contains a list of technical vocabulary with definitions. 

Key Stage 1   2022-2023

 KS1 Science habitats.pdfDownload
 KS1 Science Plants1.pdfDownload
 KS1 Science Plants2.pdfDownload
 KS1 Science Seasonal changes.pdfDownload
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Lower Key Stage 2   2022-2023 

 LKS2 Science Electricity.pdfDownload
 LKS2 Science Light.pdfDownload
 LKS2 Science Plants.pdfDownload
 LKS2 Science Rocks.pdfDownload
 LKS2 Science States of Matter.pdfDownload
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Upper Key Stage 2   2022-2023

 UKS2 Sci Animals inc humans Sum1 .pdfDownload
 UKS2 Science Earth & Space.pdfDownload
 UKS2 Science Forces.pdfDownload
 UKS2 Science Light.pdfDownload
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