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"History is understanding the past to help us improve the future."

We teach History at St Anne’s to build a chronological understanding and knowledge of a shared past and of events and people who shaped our world.  Everyone needs to know where they have come from, and why their lives are as they are. History allows us to have an understanding of time and when significant events took place. A good knowledge of History gives you the understanding to put your own life in a broader context, and know what you might aspire to do in the future, by knowing what people have done in the past. At St Anne’s we value learning about local history and comparing this to national and international events and eras.

As historians at St Anne’s, it is our job to investigate sources, ask questions, research and learn.  The historical skills of enquiry and investigation, using sources of evidence and becoming aware of the authenticity and reliability of those sources, is an important life skill.  History enables children to learn how to generate effective and probing questions, and have the skills to seek and find reliable answers.

Progression of skills

History in action

Year 2 were looking at Captain Sir Tom Moore in their English topic. After the sad news that he had passed away, they created a tribute to him in their classroom. Thank you for your service Captain Sir Tom Moore. 

As St Anne's were unable to celebrate VE Day in school, instead we celebrated together in the safety of our homes. We made cakes, bunting, listened to music and drank tea. Lots of us sat in our front gardens and spoke to our neighbours. Have a look at some of the things we got up to to celebrate VE Day!  

Year 5 presented their Learning Challenge question 'Is Ancient Greece Really a Myth?' through Homer's Illiad as a play.

Learning about The Great Fire of London with a school trip to Staircase House in Stockport.

Mayan Creation story pictures.