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Children are always one tap away from expanding their knowledge and understanding of the world.

The possibilities are endless when pupils possess the skills to harness the power of computing to make a positive impact on their life and the lives of others.


In a world saturated by technology, it is our duty to equip our pupils with the knowledge and skills to get the most value out of it. In preparation for entering the modern working world where computer interaction is inevitable, we aim to offer diverse opportunities to practise key skills (programming, digital literacy & computational thinking) in line with the three strands of the Computing curriculum (Computer Science, Information Technology & Digital Literacy)  and become confident and safe navigators of their digital world. We recognise the role information technology plays in enabling our children to connect with others and consistently support them in becoming responsible, reliable and safe digital citizens.


Whilst computing demands a bespoke and progressive programme of study in its own right, designed to enable children to develop and extend their learning in key skills, the scope for cross-curricular learning is limitless; ranging from digital data collection in Science to photography editing in Art. Children should be encouraged to draw on computing skills to further their learning in all other subjects.


Computing provides opportunities to use our learning powers and display all of the St Anne’s Values: demonstrating care and respect in their online interactions; being constantly inspired by the window into the world offered by information technology; challenged to create and debug problems using their developing programming skills.

St Anne's Computing Road Map

Knowledge Organisers


These knowledge organisers identify the key information that your child will need to have learned by the end of their learning challenge. 


How do they help children? 

They provide the essential knowledge that children need to cover in their learning challenges and can be used as a reminder prompt during lessons or revision tools. 


How do they help parents?

They give you a clear understanding of what your child will be learning about each term and allow you to support and further their knowledge at home if you wish to. 


We have developed our own Knowledge Organisers to support the delivery of the curriculum which contains a list of technical vocabulary with definitions.

Autumn Term 

 Knowledge Organiser Care KS1.pdfDownload
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Spring Term

 Computing - Y5 Y6 - Cycle 1 - Spring 1 - Knowledge Organiser.pdfDownload
 Computing - Y5 Y6 - Cycle 1 - Spring 2 - Knowledge Organiser.pdfDownload
 Knowledge Organiser Challenge KS1.pdfDownload
 Knowledge Organiser Challenge LKS2.pdfDownload
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Summer Term 

 Knowledge Organiser Respect KS1.pdfDownload
 Knowledge Organiser Respect Showcase KS1.pdfDownload
 Knowledge Organiser Respect LKS2.pdfDownload
 Knowledge Organiser Respect Summer 2 LKS2.pdfDownload
 Computing UKS2 Respect Cycle 1 Knowledge Organiser.pdfDownload
 Computing UKS2 Respect SHOWCASE Cycle 1 Knowledge Organiser.pdfDownload
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Computing in EYFS 

Following the revision of the EYFS Framework in 2021, Computing or Information Technology no longer features within the Development Matters Curriculum. At St Anne's, we believe in the importance of providing our children with the foundational learning needed to become confident learners following their transition into Year One. To this end, our children are offered a variety of opportunities to begin practising their digital literacy, computational thinking and programming skills in both Nursery and Reception in order to support their learning in Year One. Children are encouraged to 'think like computers' whilst following a series of instructions or explore a range of hardware on our Technology Tinker Tables. Step-by-step guidance is offered as they explore with enjoyment the physical computing toys, such as Beebots or Codapillars before they go on to use these skills to complete tasks or solve problems in Year One. 

In line with the rest of the school, children in our Nursery and Reception Classes receive half-termly guided input on Online Safety using age-related materials such as  Jessie and Friends. 



Remember - Be S.M.A.R.T. when online...