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Useful Support Groups and Activities for Parents of SEND Children


Below is a list of useful website links which may be of interest to you if your child has, or is suspected as having, special educational needs. To view the full list of activities available please click here:


Children's Centre Family Support

Supporting parents to enhance their skills and resolve problems to promote their children's well-being and development.


High-Functioning Trafford

We are a non-profit making voluntary group, based in Trafford, providing social opportunities for children and young adults with high-functioning autism and Asperger’s syndrome. As parents we know that when a child has HFA/AS the whole family is affected and therefore we aim to provide support by holding regular social events where the children (including any siblings) can have fun together without being judged, whilst parents can chat with others who understand their situation.

ASGMA Family Group family group activities for children with autism/Aspergers

The ASGMA Family Group aims to give young children with autism a chance to come along with their brothers and sisters, mums and dads or carers to meet up with others and enjoy themselves in a safe and friendly atmosphere, at the ASGMA Autism Resource Centre in Stretford.


Family Fun Sessions

Exclusive use of the pool for children with disabilities and their families. Open to all ages. Floats and other equipment are available during this session!


Independent Options Children and Family Centre supporting Learning disabilities

We provide inclusive play opportunities for children aged 0 - 10 years.  We offer a safe, welcoming environment where children with disabilities/additional needs can have fun and where parents/carers can access a range of information and support.


The Sensory Cosy Cove sensory cove

Our Sensory Cosy Cove is a place where children can explore and develop their senses and skills. The multi-sensory room has many different features; soft play areas, treasure baskets, a light box, multi-textured objects, and interactive equipment such as our bubble tube, water wall and fibre optic strand tree which make constant changes to the sensory room environment.


Inclusive dance and / or drama workshops

Fun and creative sessions on a one off or sessionsal basis suitable for a wide range of age and ability (pre-school, primary, junior, young people, adults). Express yourself in a safe environment with quality creative play on different levels. Very interactive with confidence building, group work,and developing self-esteem.

Also suitable for disabled children, young people and adults. Support workers and family / carers welcome if needed. Content adapted for those attending. This can be intergrated with all the family, siblings or a mix of disabled and non disabled participants of any age and ability.


Sport & activities for disabled individuals

Sport Works delivers a range of community services which are targeted at children and adults with a disability or additional need. Each of our programmes are designed to provide opportunities for individuals to have fun, learn new skills, improve health whilst building independence.

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