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Dyslexia Aware Quality MarK

Trafford's Inclusive Dyslexia Aware Quality Mark aims to provide a framework of support and understanding for schools which enable the dyslexic individual to build on existing skills and develop new.


Everyone at St Anne's School has been receiving additional training to ensure that we have a good knowledge of the needs of children with dyslexic difficulties. We have strived to create an inclusive learning environment and provide resources that enable all our learners to access the curriculum. 


This award is issued only to those organisations that have met its rigorous quality standards and demonstrates public recognition that they provide high quality education and practice for dyslexic individuals. St Anne's School is very proud to have achieved the award in 2018.



This year at St Anne’s we are celebrating Dyslexia Awareness Week, which runs from Monday 2nd October to Sunday 8th October 2017. The theme for this year is Positive about Dyslexia and we have lots of exciting activities planned for the pupils.

As part of our Dyslexia Awareness Week we are running a parent dyslexia workshop on Tuesday 3rd October at 3.00 pm. If you are interested in attending, please contact Mrs Ruddy on the email below.

2.10.17-Whole school dyslexia training

Today Mrs Ruddy and Mrs McLoughlin lead a training session on dyslexia awareness and strategies to enhance classroom practice across the school.


3.10.17- Parent dyslexia workshop


A big thank you to all the parents who attended. If you couldn't attend, the powerpoint and information has been uploaded to the dyslexia page on our school website (link below).


Don't forget to have a look at the websites we recommended :) Additional tips and strategies tips and strategies free Nessy trial (reading and spelling games) Free if you use it on the computer An amazing website! Free training


4.10.17- No Pensday

The whole school celebrated a day with no pens! 
The children enjoyed practical activities with a huge learning focus on speaking and listening skills.
The day was a huge success!  We have some brilliant artists, actors, builders, makers, singers, programmers and puzzle solvers at St Anne's.

5.10.17- Dyslexia Day

This Year as well as celebrating Dyslexia Awareness week, we decided to dedicate a whole day to celebrating the different strengths and gifts of dyslexia!Staff and children were invited dress up as a famous dyslexic, a profession they aspire to be in the future or an outfit linked to what type of smart they are(e.g. body smart, word smart, music smart, nature smart etc). Each class has had lots of fun learning about the many famous dyslexics and their many talents!


January 2018- Dyslexia Training

 Mrs Barron has successfully completed three full days of dyslexia training and is looking forward to starting her targeted dyslexia interventions.


February 2018- IDP online training

 This month all Teaching Assistants have completed an online dyslexia awareness course.


June 2018- Spelling staff meeting

 This week Miss Campbell has been sharing some new and exciting spelling strategies to enhance our spelling lessons. We also looked at a range of specifically dyslexia friendly strategies. Please have a look at the videos below for more information.


June 2018- Mindfulness Club

This half term we have started a mindfulness club to support any students who would like an opportunity to unwind and learn some relaxation techniques.