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St Anne's CE Primary School

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Religious Education


At St Anne's, we teach Religious Education so that children can ponder some of life's biggest questions



At St. Anne’s we believe that Religious Education has a vital role to play in the development of the whole child. Our aims in teaching RE at St Anne’s are to encourage self-awareness, respect for others, open mindedness, appreciation and wonder as we tackle some of life's biggest and deepest questions.  Alongside this, we harness the desire to aid pupils in forming their own sense of purpose in life, along with the ability to respond to a range of important questions relating to their personal, spiritual and moral development. 


As we live in a multi-cultural society and with the ever increasing travel opportunities, it is important that children have an understanding of the way people live their lives, for example their clothes, food, belief systems, holidays, festivals and customs. This will help children know and understand more about people from cultures other than their own, and help them to be more tolerant of others.

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Religious Education in action

Examples of work


At St Anne's we use floor books to store all of our evidence from RE sessions. This allows us to be more creative in our approach to Religious Education. Take a look at some examples of high quality RE which happened in all of our classrooms...


Please take a look at our lovely displays from around the school: