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St Anne's CE Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Inspiring every unique child on their first steps towards becoming a curious, empathetic and independent learner.


EYFS  Vision


Knowledge organisers 


These knowledge organisers identify the key information that your child will need to have learned by the end of their learning challenge. 


How do they help children? 

They provide the essential knowledge that children need to cover in their learning challenges and can be used as a reminder prompt during lessons or revision tools. 


How do they help parents?

They give you a clear understanding of what your child will be learning about each term and allow you to support and further their knowledge at home if you wish to. 


We have developed our own Knowledge Organisers to support the delivery of the curriculum which contains a list of technical vocabulary with definitions.

Autumn Term

 Nursery Knoweldge Mat Aut1 2022.jpgDownload
 Nursery Knoweldge Mat Aut2 2022.jpgDownload
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Spring Term

 Nursery Knoweldge Mat Spring 1 2023.jpgDownload
 Nursery Knoweldge Mat Spring 2 2023.jpgDownload
 Rec Spring 1 knowledege mat How do penguins persevere.jpgDownload
 Rec Spring 2 Sea creature Knowledge mat.jpgDownload
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Summer Term 

 Nursery Knoweldge Mat Summer 1 2023.jpgDownload
 Nursery Knoweldge Mat Summer 2 2023.jpgDownload
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Additional Information on our EYFS Curriculum

( the below powerpoint for the phonics section to work!)

Powerpoint from the EYFS Welcome Meeting

 July 2022