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welcome to Year Five

2019 - 2020

useful documents

Here is our Long Term Overview for the year. This gives a brief overview of what units children will be immersed in, in order to cover the National Curriculum objectives. This document may change if and when needed.


This half term's Learning Challenge 'Subject Knowledge Mat' for 'Who were the early law makers?'

A Knowledge Organiser for this half term's focus in Science - 'Properties and Changes of Materials'

Home Learning

Home Learning - Instruction Sheets

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Home Learning - Task Sheets

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The class email address for the submission of any digital Home Learning is: year5homework@st-annes.trafford.sch.uk

(Please note, this email address is unmonitored. If you wish to contact Mr Speedie, please do so via the school office.)

Maths Home Learning: Arithmetic Papers - answers, with workings, hints & tips.


 Y5 Arithmetic Paper 2b - Worked Example.pdfDownload
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Maths Home Learning: Calculation Strategies Videos. After more like the one below? Click here.


Learning Spellings - Strategy Videos. After more like the one below? Click here.


Accelerated Reader Bookfinder

Need a new reading book that's quizzable? You might like Renaissance Learning's Accelerated Reader Bookfinder, which is available here.

Interested in Accelerated Reader in general? There is more information available here.



Please click below if you would like some inspiration for your next reading book! 





Friday 10th January, 2020

Learning Superhero Day 2020!

Friday 18th October, 2019

Here's our end of unit performance for our Music learning this half term. We have been learning to sing (and play glockenspiels along with) 'Make You Feel My Love' by Bob Dylan (and covered by Adele). What do you think? What do we do well? How could we improve next time?

Monday 14th October, 2019

Here is the video from our Computing lesson, on altering images digitally. Do you think that the picture on the billboard at the end could fool, or trick, people into believing something that's not true? How might someone looking 'perfect' in an advertisement help sell a product?

Monday 14th October, 2019

Here are clips from the 'We Are Aliens!' film that we watched at Spaceport: We Are Aliens!

Sunday 13th October, 2019

Another video that I've stumbled across looking for something entirely different - one I think that you'll enjoy though! As you'll remember, the American's no longer use the Space Shuttle as it was deemed to be too dangerous. The ISS is re-suppled using the Russian Soyuz rockets now, as well as privately owned Space X ones (and possibly some others). Here's a great video of the Space Shuttle taking off though.

Thursday 10th October, 2019

Here is the video we watched during our 'Open Morning' Learning Challenge lesson - something to help you understand the relative sizes of the objects in our universe.

Thursday 11th October, 2019

The video we watched in class today about supporting each other.