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Welcome to year six


Our wonderful home learning


We are really proud of Year 6 and how they are working so hard at home. It has been wonderful to see some of this through pictures that have been sent in.


Our school trip to the stockport air raid shelters

Year 6 visited the Stockport Air Raid Shelters on the 11th of March and had an amazing time. The Stockport Air Raid Shelters are a system of almost 1 mile of underground air-raid shelters dug under Stockport, six miles south of Manchester, during World War II to protect local inhabitants during air raids. It was a fantastic experience to see and experience these air raid shelters.
We were evacuees for the day and got to experience so many wonderful things such as a rationed lunch. The adults from the museum were in character and made us feel like we were really going to be evacuated. 

I hope you enjoy looking back at these pictures.
What was your favourite part of the trip? Please email  year6homework@st-annes.trafford.sch.uk   and share your favourite memories with us.

Some of our favourite memories were; 

'My favourite memory was when we looked at the gas masks and what to do in case of a gas mask drill. I liked it because it was so different to things we have to do today.' Tom

'My favourite memory of the school trip is the museum (with Miss Grundy and Mrs Hodkinson) because we got to participate and it was fun trying everything out. I enjoyed being treated like and evacuee, as well.'  Zara 

'My favourite part was when we saw the old toilets because there was a story of two kids who made a paper boat put in the toilet.' Jarvis 

Yearly overview

learning challenge curriculum

Will we ever see the water we drink again? 




Today many of our Year 6 pupils watched a amazing live history lesson from Liverpool War Museum.

Please click the link to watch or re-watch this event 

 Live history lesson from the Liverpool War museum


The learning questions for this lesson are;

What were the role of Western Approaches HQ during the Second World War?

What happened at the Battle of the Atlantic? 

What roles did women play during the Second World War?

How did the events that took place on May 1943 help to 'turn the tide' in the Battle of the Atlantic?

You may find this video useful to answer the last question.   Western Approaches U-Boat Attack!

I would love to see and share your answers to these learning questions.

Please email them over to  year6homework@st-annes.trafford.sch.uk 


The museum has also create PDFs and worksheets to complete following this live lesson if you would like to access these please use the link below



Books to read

Struggling for suitable books to read in Year 6? Follow this link to find some great suggestions! https://www.booksfortopics.com/year-6

You can also have a look at the document below, too.

Home learning

 Ending It Off.docxDownload
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Maths optional challenge:

Watch the video below in which Bryony demonstrates how to make a flower from a square of paper.
She then sets you a challenge: what fraction of the original square of paper is the shaded triangle?

 Home Learning 8.11.19.docxDownload
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Homework Help

Maths help videos

See the maths curriculum page for arithmetic help videos:


arithmetic answers

Every week, the answers to the arithmetic paper will be uploaded here. Take a look to see the strategies.

 1a answers colour.pdfDownload
 1b answers.pdfDownload
 2a answers.pdfDownload
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 3a answers.pdfDownload
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 4a answers.pdfDownload
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Please have a look at the video and document below. They provide information about the purpose of the tests, how parents can best support their children and how results will be reported.