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Phonics and handwriting


These you tube sessions created by the Department of Education are inline with how we at St.Anne's teach our phonics, parents and carers it is useful to listen and get to know how we pronounce the sounds.  Before your child can learn the letters and sounds they need to be able to orally blend, for example, if you say c.... a....... t, they can say 'cat'.  Your child, also, needs to be able to segment a word. This is when you say a word and they tell you which sounds they can hear, for example you say 'put' they should be able to say p...u...t.  There are examples of this in Lesson 1 'Learning to Blend'.  Also take a look at Nursery's class page Phase 1 Letters and Sounds.

In Reception, we love Geraldine Giraffe she helps us to practise and learn our phonics. We also love to learn through songs, so I have included the Tricky Words Songs (words to learn to recognise by sight not by sounding them out).  

Pronouncing the Letter Sounds 

Phase 2 & 3

Mr Thorne's Phonics with Geraldine

Phase 2 follow the link for further phases

Learning to blend 

Autumn/Spring Reception

Tricky Words

Phase 2 follow the links for other phases

Letter Formation 

In letter families practise 1 family at a time

Letters and Sounds lessons 

Summer Term 

Robot Talk

This is used for all phases, practise with Mrs P