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St Anne's CE Primary School

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St Anne's CE Primary School

Inspire | Challenge | Care | Respect

Ethos Club

St George's Day 2018

Our very own St Anne's Ethos Club planned and led exciting activities for their peers on St George's Day. From flag making to games, from word searches to comic strips, everyone had lots of fun!


Members of our ethos club led an assembly at the end of the day to share and celebrate what the children had made and learnt throughout the day.




They also organised and ran a cake sale to raise money for our school. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the cake sale - there were some very impressive designs!


Ethos Conference

Thursday 27th September, 2018


6 members of our Ethos Club were invited to an Ethos Conference at St George’s Primary School on Thursday 27th September. St George’s holds a conference each year and this year, their theme was ‘wellbeing’ and they explored with us how they use their Christian Values in school and in their everyday lives which helps their sense of wellbeing. The children took away some brilliant ideas that they were excited to share when they got back to school. It looks like we'll be having a very busy year in planning new events at St Anne's!