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St Anne's CE Primary School

Inspiring | Educating | Developing

Trinity Road, Sale M33 3ES

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St Anne's CE Primary School

Inspiring | Educating | Developing

The governing body: Committees

Below are the committees and sub-committees of St Anne's Governing Body 2017/18. 


Admissions Committee

Mrs H Ward (Chair)

Mrs B Hobson

Mrs L Slater

Mrs S Tracey (Clerk)


Mrs L Slater (Chair)

Mrs P Goodson - Headteacher

Mrs B Hobson - Chair of Governors

Mr D Felton

Mr A Howells

Mrs E Lewis

Ms B Kunjappy

Mrs T Phoenix

Mrs H Ward

Ms A Bond

Mrs S Tracey (Clerk)


(Incorporating Buildings Health and Safety)








Mrs B Hobson (Chair)

Mrs E Barron

Mr R Chilton

Mrs P Goodson - Headteacher

Mrs E Lewis 

Dr J McNamara

Mrs L Slater

Mrs P Stacey

Mrs S Tracey (Clerk)


Mrs B Hobson (Chair)

Mr A Howells

Mrs E Lewis

Performance Management Committee

Mrs B Hobson (Chair)

Mr T Field

Mr A Howells

Mrs E Lewis

External Advisor

Mrs Karen Samples

Pupil Discipline & Staff Dismissal

All Governors according to availability

 Link governors

Dr J McNamara - Health & Safety

Mrs H Ward - RE

Mrs L Slater - S.E.N.D.

Mrs H Ward - Literacy

Mrs P Stacey - Numeracy

Mrs E Lewis - Safeguarding

 Governor of the half term (2017-2018)

Ms B Kunjappy - Autumn 1

Mrs T Phoenix - Autumn 2

Mrs E Lewis - Spring 1

Mrs B Hobson - Spring 2

Mr D Felton - Summer 1

Mr A Howells - Summer 2


Issues and Complaints

The Governors can deal with issues and complaints raised directly with them. However, in the first instance, we always recommend that you speak to Mrs Goodson, our Headteacher. She is very approachable and always wants to hear from parents or members of the local community about any issues or concerns they may have with the school. This is the quickest and easiest way to resolve any problems. Following that, if you feel that the issue needs escalating please write to us via the school office. We will deal with your correspondence as quickly and diligently as possible.