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welcome to Year Five

2017 - 2018

Please find our class news lower down. At the top here, parents can find a list of useful documents. Please click on each title to download a copy.

Accelerated Reader Bookfinder

Need a new reading book that's quizzable? You might like Renaissance Learning's Accelerated Reader Bookfinder, which is available here.

Maths Homework: Calculation Strategies Videos. Click here.

Maths Homework: Arithmetic Papers - answers, with workings, hints & tips

Y5 Arithmetic Paper One Part One.pdfDownload
Y5 Arithmetic Paper One Part Two.pdfDownload
Y5 Arithmetic Paper Two Part One.pdfDownload
Y5 Arithmetic Paper Two Part Two.pdfDownload
Y5 Arithmetic Paper Three Part One.pdfDownload
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Please click below if you would like some inspiration for your next reading book! 



Home Learning 16.3.18

'Imagine 3' sentence examples

Imagine a time when people were not afraid, when life was much simpler, when everyone helped each other: this is the story of that time.


Imagine a place where the sun always shines, where wars never happen, where no-one ever dies: in the Andromeda 5 system, there is a such a planet.


(Persuasive Speech)

Imagine a world without war, without violence, without needless destruction: we can achieve that world!


(Narrative – Science Fiction)

Imagine a future where cars fly, where people can take a glass tube to work, and where the furthest galaxy is no more than a day away: this story takes place in that future.


(Flash Forward)

Imagine going on a life changing journey, over tall mountains and through deep rivers, crossing deserts ad icy seas: I went on that journey and this is my story.


(Higher Order / Challenging)

Imagine a land ravaged and scarred by years of conflict, where children scrap and fight over dirty drinking water, where the sky is so black no-one has seen sunlight in over 50 years: this is the living hell known as Terrafirmaous, and you have just landed here.


[Sentence Examples Copyright Alan Peat & Matt Sullivan]


14th December 2017

Here we are enjoying some 'outdoor maths' as part of maths week. We used the data from this traffic survey to find percentages and discussed the questions it raised, thinking about further investigations or local campaigns we could run.

13th December 2017

Geography Fieldwork: Sketching the housing in the local area.

20th November 2017

Below is a .pdf of a PowerPoint presentation from Twinkl, which I have shared and discussed with the children recently.

10th November 2017

The link for this week's homework: http://linoit.com/users/jaspeedie/canvases/Year%205%20-%20Local%20History

20th October 2017

Please have a look through these photos of us all either giving our presentations, or at least, holding them proudly. Some of the digital ones that the children produced are available to look through, underneath.

Alex - ancient greek astrology.odpDownload
Arabella-SPACE Project.pptxDownload
Daisy E Planet Quiz.pptxDownload
Joe's solar system powr point .pptxDownload
Our solar system - Dylan.pptmDownload
Phoebe W - Stars.pptxDownload
Planet facts - Gene.mp4Download
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19th October 2017

Our set text in English lessons at the moment is 'Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse' by Chris Riddle, the audiobook of which we've been listening to over the course of the past two weeks. We have begun the process today of creating our own characters for the story, following the same process that Chris Riddle enjoys. As an illustrator first and foremost, he sketches out his characters to begin with, and finds that his stories develop as his drawings do. We watched some of videos of CR talking about his story writing process, and then had a go at just copying one of his characters - Ishmael, the ghost of a mouse - before starting to create ours. Here are the fantastic results of our sketching this afternoon!

9th October 2017

Here's the front cover of our new set text in English - very exciting!