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WELCOME TO Y2 2017-18

Quack Quack Our School Trip to Martin Mere

Summer 2 

Our topic is... Superheroes

What kind of Superhero would you be?

                                                        Ahoy there!

                          We had an amazing time on our Behaviour Treat Day

Summer 1

Our new topic this half term is..

The Secret Garden 

please scroll down for information about the Key Stage 1 SATs that will take place this half term.


We will be getting outside, planting seeds and flowers, watching them grow and finding out what they need to grow.  We will think about the different types of plants there are and getting creative with natural resources. 

It would be great to see that you have been to the library and got some non-fiction books out for us to look at in school (remember to pencil in your name if you do) What can you grow? What do you know about planting seeds and looking after plants? What would you like to find out? Bring your questions into school! 



Please click on the link below to find out about the Key Stage 1 SATS

Your child will take these tests during the month of May 2018. 

The DfE info video for the KS1 SATS 2018 is available here.

For support with maths take a look at our new calculation policy where all the steps for each year group are clearly mapped out and explained click on curriculum then maths then calculation policy

If you have any further questions or concerns please come and chat to me I am more than willing to help,

Miss Cowgill

Miss Cowgill's SATs powerpoint for parents with sample questions

Parental Information

read read read the more you read the more you learn!

Please find attached Y2 Class information from the Welcome Meeting

Welcome to our Y2 class news page. We have been very busy already in Y2, take a look at what we've been up to so far this term !

We are really enjoying finding out about the Great Fire of London and the reasons why the fire spread to quickly. We are also enjoying finding out about Samuel Pepys and how we know so much about the Great Fire Of London because of his diary.

Y2 dressed up today as part of Dyslexia week. We had Headteachers, people who are number smart ,  Fire men, sports smart people, Vets and examples of famous dyslexic people e.g. Cath Kidson .  Well done Y2 all your outfits were fantastic!

We have been learning all about shapes in our maths lessons. We have been identifying 2D shapes and we have been learning about which shapes have lines of symmetry. We have been making symmetrical patterns and pizzas and we have been sorting shapes into symmetric and asymmetric shapes using a mirror to help us.

We really enjoyed our time in the 'Book Bus' today.

Thank you to everyone who supported our reading morning. We had such fun sharing books together.

We had an exciting morning this morning in Y2. We had a visit from Mr Palmer a Fire Officer. He taught us all about fire safety and how fire fighting has changed since the Great Fire of London. He showed us all the protective clothing fire-fighters use today.

We really enjoyed listening to each others Topic Presentations. The children were fantastic at speaking and listening and had come up with such creative and artistic presentations.

Take a look !

We have enjoyed creating our new Winter board- just in time for the snow!

Welcome to Year Two

2016 - 2017

Please find our class news lower down. At the top here, parents can find a list of useful documents. Please click on each title to download a copy.



Year 2 Welcome Booklet (2016-2017)

Year 2 Long Term Plan (2016-2017)

Growth Mindset Theory

National Curriculum 2014 - A parents' guide

What will my child learn in Year 2?

British Values - A parents' guide

eSafety / Online safety - A parents' guide

Improving your child's concentration and attention - A parents' guide

Things to do instead of homework(!)



Help your child read - Information poster

Top Tips - Reading with your child at home



Guidance for spelling in Year 2

Help your child with spelling - Information Poster



How to learn number bonds - A parents' guide

How to learn times tables - A parents' guide

Help your child with maths - Information poster



Year 2 Writing Mat - an 'aide memoir'. This details all the features your child needs to regularly include in their writing to be considered to be working in a particular category (3 pages - 'working towards', 'working at expected standard', and 'working at greater depth')



How to hold a pencil correctly to improve handwriting

Correct sitting position and paper orientation

Activities to develop handwriting skills, which do not involve any handwriting!


[Please note, these documents are intended are general guidance. Specific St Anne's school policy documents are available on the policies page, here.]

Class News

19th July 2017

Here our some photos of our fantastic superhero hand puppets!

19th July 2017

'Superhero Day' Superhero costumes!

5th July 2017

Here's a quick video of a little fun activity to kick start a science lesson on materials. We each had a picture of an item made of a particular material stuck to our backs, which we were not allowed to see. We could then ask other people questions which had only a 'yes' or 'no' answer to try and work out what type of material we were ("Am I used to make bridges?", "Am I natural?", "Am I manmade?" Etc.). This was great fun, and we were well ready to enjoy a science investigation into the strength of different types of paper shortly afterward. We'll be using all of our new knowledge of materials to help us each make a decision about the best materials for our forthcoming superhero hand puppets! 

30th June 2017

Art Day! We learned about the work of Piet Mondrian today, and then created our own artwork in his abstract style. We learned that he had moved away from painting landscapes, to exploring the idea that he could express his feelings on canvas with only simple shapes, lines, and the three primary colours. We really enjoyed ourselves, and realised that to get a high quality finish you need to put in more effort than you'd first think! A gallery of the finished artwork will be available soon.


17th May 2017

We enjoyed talking to Brenda today, who is a friend of the Gibbs family. She was born and raised in Australia, and was able to answer some wide ranging questions from the children about life 'down under'. She was particularly good at dispelling some stereotypes and myths! Huge thanks to the Gibbs family for arranging the visit.


8th May 2017

Watch some highlights from our trip to Lower Moss Wood today!


4th May 2017

We visited St Anne's church today to meet Father Julian and learn more about Baptism. We were able to ask him questions, and watch a demonstration of what happens during a Baptism service.


20th April 2017 

Clay sculptures. Today we created sculptures of natural objects that we collected from the school grounds. We were challenged to look closely at the details, shapes and textures of the objects we were modelling. We used various tools creatively to shape and form our models. The end results are sat proudly on the side in our classroom!

19th April 2017

Today we enjoyed the 'FunMaths' Roadshow, led by staff from the University of Liverpool. We paired up and benefited from the leadership of a Year 6 mentor as we rotated through the plethora of activities on offer!

5th April 2017

The annual Easter Bonnet parade!

3rd April 2017

We enjoyed a tennis 'taster' session today. Children interested in joining a four week after school club have taken home a letter with more details.

31st March 2017

We've just completed an exciting Design Technology project - to create our own 'amphibious vehicles'! This was great fun. We realised how challenging it was to closely follow a design criteria too, and not get too carried away with other ideas. The end results are absolutely fabulous though, as you can see below.

28th March 2017

This is actually from a little while ago, but offers an insight into the Guided Reading / Reading Comprehension activities that we do in Year 2. Below is a short audio clip of a small group guided reading session, delivered as part of a ReadWriteInc Comprehension lesson. The children were challenged to answer both 'Find It' (retreival) and 'Prove It' (inference) questions, based on a familiar text which they had experienced once before in a previous lesson.

[This is by no means offered as an example of the perfect lesson, or perfect questioning, or anything like that! It's presented 'warts and all'. The children did know their voices were being recorded, but other than that, this is an example of a fairly standard session.]

8th March 2017

Some photos of the culmination of several weeks of learning in Computing recently. The children wrote algorithms as a pair, to give to another pair to program in Scratch Junior (see post below from 2nd February). There are some programming wizz kids in Year 2 now!

6th March 2017

Science Day! A selection of photos from Science Day 2017.

2nd March 2017

After listening to some Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, and learning a little about Aboriginal culture in Australia, we have created our own 'dot paintings' in the same style.

27th February 2017

Today we enjoyed a great visit to Sale Grammar School for an Electricity Workshop led by the fantastic Mr Murrary. We watched the effect of a Van De Graaff generator, discussed the difference between mains and battery power, learned about the flow of electrical energy around a circuit by using ourselves as a model, learned the names of different electrical symbols, and had a go at building different kinds of circuits using wires, bulbs and batteries. Even the adults were exhausted!

p.s. Don't they all look grown up sat on stools in a Science Lab! :-)

10th February 2017

The Pop Project! Brilliant as always. There was a focus this year on British Values; what that means, and how we can demonstrate them in our daily lives.

9th February 2017

Under the Sea Topic Presentations. Please see below a gallery of the children giving their end of half term presentations for our current topic. Lots of creativity and variety on display, as you can see! 

Considering the class as a whole, we really enjoyed a number of things in particular about this set of presentations;

  • The level of detail and amount of information included / shared.
  • The creativity in the way the information was presented to us all - PowerPoints, interactive quizzes, models, posters, booklets, online videos, etc. etc.
  • The confidence the children had speaking in front of us all.

Ahead of next time, something to consider might be;

  • How to speak facing the audience, so we can all hear everything that's said clearly.

And as a little bonus, here are the last few seconds of DC's hilarious start to his presentation, which made us all chuckle... :-)

2nd February 2017

After learning the meaning of the word 'algorithm' in Computing last week (a 'recipe' for a computer, essentially) we spent some time learning about the programming environment in 'Scratch Jnr' this week. Here are the children exploring the program in our Computing lesson. Parents can find the programme online, and download it for use at home. There are various activities and tutorials available too, if the children want to explore more in their own time. Please use the link below.


1st February 2017

Mr Speedie's ReadWrite group have recently finished some writing, based on the story of Chicken-Licken. The children were challenged to continue and complete the story of Henry Hippo, who jumps into a lake to take a swim, disturbing the surface of the water. He mistakes this for the 'lake eating all the trees' and runs off to tell all the animals that something terrible is happening. The children were asked to include a repeating phrase (to use the same words when Henry tells each group of animals the news), and a repeating description of how the animals ran through the jungle - just as the author of Chicken-Licken had done. We are very proud of the results! You can watch the videos below of the children reading their work aloud.

Showing 1-6 of 6

30th January 2017

We were learning how to spot our preferred way of learning during PSHE today, as part of our current topic 'Going for goals'. The children were challenged to make three different origami models, in three different ways. The first way was to watch a demonstration by the teacher, the second way was to just listen to the teacher's verbal instructions (without any visual clues) and the third way was to follow some written, step-by-step instructions (with pictures), independently. Each of these methods was pretty challenging! When we discussed things afterwards, we found out that there were small groups of children who had been successful with each different method, and that we all had one way in which we found it easier to learn something new.

Lots of the children asked if they could have a second attempt, with the instructions, at home. You can find the step-by-step instructions, for each of the origami models, here. All the models begin with a square piece of paper, which you may need to create yourself beforehand.

20th December 2016

A visit from Fire Fighter Mike Palmer. Although a specialist fire fighter at Manchester airport, Mike was able to help us better understand the differences between modern fire fighting (especially the equipment used) and fire fighting in 1666 during the Great Fire of London.

19th December 2016

A visit from 'Shark Ally'! This was a 'wow moment' to kick-start the learning for our 'Under the Sea' topic in the new year.

16th December 2016

Selfies with Santa!

15th December 2016

Atlas work in Geography. Learning about continents, oceans, and the four countries of the United Kingdom (U.K.), through learning to navigate the pages of an atlas using the Contents and Index pages. We had to put our knowledge of the alphabet to the test!

7th December 2016

Ukulele Concert for the school community. The culmination of 10 weeks of music learning, where we gained knowledge of the parts of a ukulele and different chords. We improved our skills in strumming, picking, and starting and stopping playing at the correct time. We also learned plenty of new songs, singing in unison and as part of a round, and explored the effect of changes in pitch and volume. The project was a lot of fun, from start to finish!

19th November 2016

A visit from CBBC's Rhyme Rocket crew! Huge fun.

14th November 2016

A brilliant P.E. session with Mr Woods, our resident sports coach. We were improving our agility, balance and coordination skills ahead of an intersports competition led by Year 6 children.

8th September 2016

Chocolate Making! A 'wow moment' to kick-start our chocolate topic.