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Welcome to Foundation One!


Come and have a look at all the things we have been learning and enjoying .....

  Summer Two

Foundation one have enjoyed our World Cup Theme this week.  We developed our fine motor skills by making World Cup biscuits and had lots of fun playing football games and scoring goals!

                                                                                                                             Summer One

We had a fantastic day today visiting Stockley Farm.  We fed the baby animals, went on a tractor ride and brushed the horses. 


Spring Two 

We enjoyed planting the beans we have grown in our classroom.  We had to dig a hole, put our beans in and then carefully cover with soil.  We are looking forward to watching them grow!

We thoroughly enjoyed Gracy's mum visiting us this morning and sharing stories from India.  She helped us make a Chickpea Salad.  It was delicious!

We were delighted today when Dara's Daddy came to visit us in Foundation One.  He shared some African stories with us and showed us some African instruments.

                                                                                                     Spring One

This week in Foundation One we have been learning about 'The Elves and the Shoemaker.' We had great fun playing in our shoe shop with the shoes the elves brought us. 

We have also been busy writing our stories after a visit from Fennelldor.  He brought us a Superhero writing box which inspired us to practise our mark making.

This week we have been learning about 'the Gingerbread Man.'  We had lots of fun making Gingerbread Men today.  We mixed all the ingredients, cut out our gingerbread Men and put them in the oven to bake.  Don't they look yummy?  We'd better eat them before they run away.

We are excited to start the New Year with our fantastic class and begin our new theme 'Our Favourite Stories.'  We will share a range of well-loved and traditional tales with the children over the half term.  We will talk about the similarities and differences between stories, and the repeated language such as 'once upon a time,' and 'happily ever after.'  It is important for children to build up a familiarity with story language and structure as this will inform their skills as writers later on.  We will give them plenty of opportunities to do this through telling and retelling stories, role-play, small world and puppet play, and a variety of mark-making opportunities.  

This week we have looked at the story' Whatever Next,' by Jill Murphy.  We had lots of fun making our own space rocket and going on our own adventures to the moon!

Autumn Two

Well done Foundation One on a brilliant nativity.  We hope you all enjoyed it!

This week we have been learning about The Gunpowder Plot.  We had lots of fun making fireworks by splatter painting!

Autumn One

We have been learning about Autumn.  We listened to the story 'Leaf Man,' by Lois Elhert.  We went on an Autumn walk and collected lots of leaves.  We made our own Leaf Men out of the leaves we had collected.